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Your safety is our priority. We offer two new services that will increase your safety and equipment reliability.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

flir3 | Tom Jackson Electrical

Using infrared thermal imaging for reliable, non-contact testing, I scan, visualize and analyze temperatures of mechanical equipment and electrical systems quickly and accurately. Why not join the growing group of users around the world already benefitting from the cost-savings that a solid thermography program can provide.

I am a Certified Thermographer by ITC which is a factory authorized training center for FLIR equipment.

Enhanced Surge Protection

surge protection | Tom Jackson Electrical

Enhance surge protection is an inspection service that checks for proper grounding at the service and continues through to the equipment being energized. Measurements are made and compared to IEEE standards with recommended corrections. This is a "must do" if you have been having continual problems with file servers and other sensitive electronic equipment. It is also important to perform this inspection on a new installation to benchmark for future comparisons.

  • I specialize in troubleshooting
  • Consulting and pre-construction services
  • Acceptance testing for grounding using the IEEE Fall-of-potential method
  • I have a proprietary 13 point inspection program
  • I take all major credit cards
  • Drug free
  • Commercial Service Plans available
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