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I started my electrical business after working for three of the top ten firms in the US plus the Department of Energy with a Top Secret Clearance for 19 years. That and my troubleshooting exposure changed my perspective of electrical installations from changing and installing parts to being a functionally safe system which needs periodic inspection and maintenance like your car. So whether I'm consulting for a design, remodeling, or doing Predictive Maintenance (Pdm) with an infrared camera, I see myself as responsible to make sure that you and your employees work safely with and around the five hazards of electricity, find ways to lower your operational costs and make sure your three main "ilities" are monitored and reported to you.

"ilities" are those things that keep your business functioning: operability, reliability and sustainability. For example, let's say you had a restaurant with a walk-in freezer. A Pdm Thermal Imaging report from a quarterly inspection noted the circuit breaker controlling the compressor was beginning to operate hotter than normal. You may want to investigate the cause of this excess heat before next week's delivery of a thousand pounds of food arrives. The unreliability of the compressor could cause you loss of products.

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