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Tom Jackson Electric LLC

I challenge the status quo of the National Electrical Code (NEC) for maintaining, repairing and installing electrical systems. Why? The NEC is developed by a voluntary consensus body. A consensus is a general agreement formed by mutually interested people but not in unanimity. It is therefore a minimum standard only for safety without considering what and how people may be using electricity. It is not for designing. It does not promote efficiency or take into view future expansion. It does not address the quality of materials used for various applications and locations.

If you were in the market for a new car, you would be purchasing the latest mandated Federal minimum safety requirements for vehicles. However, you are aware through advertising that there are options available for enhanced safety as well as features for convenience. One difference between the electrical industry and the auto industry is the fact that there is no advertising to inform you of the options, features and values you may want.

Where you benefit from my service is that I evaluate every job by asking questions to better understand your business process systems, look for criticality, future needs and reliability. I also discuss enhanced safety, efficiency, maintenance, expansion for future use to find a custom solution for your needs.

You should be informed by all contractors that there are more choices than just low priced minimum safety.

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