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Electrical Inspections Prevent Failure

The first thing that happens with any visit to a doctor's office is that your vital signs are taken and recorded (temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate and blood pressure). Vital signs can identify the existence of an acute medical problem and are a means of rapidly quantifying the magnitude of an illness and how well the body is coping with the stress.

Your electrical system is not much different than your body because it also has vital signs:

  1. temperature (it produces heat),
  2. pulse rate (voltage),
  3. blood pressure (current rate).

Let our licensed electrician gather your system's vitals with an electrical inspection by taking voltage readings, measuring current, and taking an infrared picture with a thermal camera to help determine the health of your electrical and mechanical equipment. The electrical inspection is intrusive, meaning taking off panel covers (something you are not supposed to do unless you are a qualified safety trained electrician) to discover these risk factors. Once these readings are acquired with sensitive electronic equipment and a thermal camera, the electrician records the results of the electrical inspection in a database which provides a baseline and history for making informed decisions on the "health" of your system and noting conditions. You then decide when to schedule repairs should any be indicated.

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If you have been thinking and reading about your health, you know to look for a certified personal trainer to guide you to improve your wellbeing. Electrical inspections, by certified electricians, are for those who want to understand the importance of maintaining their electrical system and preventing catastrophic failure (like in the picture above).

Electrical inspections provide an early warning system that points out imminent and impending danger. Electrical inspections track and trend, with history, the data needed to monitor the conditions to decide when to take action. Electrical inspections allow you to schedule your repairs according to your convenience which eliminates unscheduled down time and loss of revenue.

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Call us to learn how you can join our electrical "wellness program" and for $99 we will give you a courtesy electrical inspection on your main panel. Then you can decide if a prevention program is for you.

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